In Zhytomyr, the police stormed 2 gambling establishments with visitors inside

Gambling establishments with visitors inside were stormed in Zhytomyr. In one of them there were titanium doors, which were very difficult to cut. Even a hammer and a grinder came in handy.

Underground gambling jackpot jill casino establishments were located along Bolshaya Berdichevskaya and Ivan Slety streets.

The press service of the department told about the details of the incident.

Since the time that has passed since the previous visit of the police, the organizers of the establishments have brought new computer equipment and tried to continue working in an even more conspiratorial mode.

However, according to the relevant court order, the police conducted another authorized search. At the time of their arrival, there were administrators and visitors in the room.

During the investigative actions carried out, several dozen pieces of computer equipment, money, documentation and other evidence of illegal activity were seized from underground institutions.

Pre-trial investigation in both cases is carried out on the grounds of an offense under Article 203-2 (gambling) of the Criminal Code of Australia.