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How to Build Sustainable Eating Habits

St Lawrence market

Make room for more produce in your diet. Plan meals around locally-grown fruits and vegetables you can buy at farmers’ markets or grow on your own.

Eat less red meat. Cut down meat consumption, especially beef. Go for a meatless meal or start a one meatless day per week project. Get familiar with the wide array of non-meat proteins you can choose from to make up for your meatless meal or day.

Choose sustainable fish or seafood. Anchovies, clams, cockles, crabs, cuttlefish, herring, lobster, mackerel, and salmon are among the seafood you can add to your grocery list. Some of the seafood to avoid includes seabass, red seabream, cod, grouper, haddock, Atlantic salmon, albacore tuna, and more.

Shop local and seasonal food. Buy produce from farmers’ markets or community gardens.

Grow your own edible plants. Use containers to grow some fruits, vegetables, and herbs if you do not have the space for an edible garden.

Choose fair-trade food, drinks, and other food products.