Backing Up Power the Eco-Friendly Way

Need a generator that is environment-friendly? Read on to know the two types of generators that can help you make our world a better place.

Inverter Generators


The ones from are environment-friendly since they can automatically alter their engine speed depending on the required power output. These generators run at a variable speed based on the load, making them more fuel efficient. What makes them fuel-efficient, you ask? Well, they are versatile; they can run at a slow rpm while maintaining the frequency and power. In fact, comparisons were made between old-fashioned generators and inverter generators, and data shows that the latter can decrease fuel consumption up to 40 percent because the engine of inverters doesn’t always operate at full speed. Take note that conventional generators have to run at a constant speed to provide power, regardless of how much power an appliance or the appliances require.


If you’re concerned about sustainability, you’ll also love inverter generators because they are easy to maintain. These devices don’t require periodical maintenance like standard generators. Old models need to be often maintained to supply proper electrical output. This means the fuel or oil must be replaced every 200 hours of use. If you don’t run the generator for more than a month, the used fuel will drain, and the carburetor will be dry. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this problem with inverter generators. They don’t demand a lot of maintenance. Their batteries only need to be checked once a year. This feature is sustainable because it doesn’t only lessen wasted oil or fuel, but it also saves you the trouble of using the generator even if it’s not needed.

Solar-Powered Generators


These type of generators are handy and are friendly to the planet. They collect energy from the sun to operate, function silently, don’t produce exhaust and are portable . They’re handy to have whether needed indoors or outdoors. As long as the sun endures and as long as they are maintained the right way, these generators will last long. Besides, renewable energy is always better. For your information, solar generators don’t depend on a gas line like natural gas generators.

However, you should consider these things: there shouldn’t be any obstructions, and your solar panels have to face solar south; solar generators need time to gather and store sunlight to provide energy; and you should have a place where you can transfer the solar panels in case a natural disaster strikes unexpectedly.